First dates can be an incredibly daunting and fascinating time. You never know what kind of person your night out is going to be — and if you’re going on your have, it can be rare a sense of whether they’ll be a great fit to suit your needs.

Luckily, a single woman located herself preserved via a devastating first time frame by a new person who handed her a note warning her to ‘run’ after she spotted too many warning during their restaurant meeting. Tweets user Hadia S distributed an image of the principles on her bank account over the weekend, which has been written around the back of a CVS invoice.

What Hadia failed to expect was for the note to continue viral. Her tweet seems to have since racked up over 333, 1000 likes, nearly 30, 000 retweets and thousands of comments from curious users.

A few users commended the stranger’s hard work, while others had been sceptical about the impromptu dating help. A few even pondered if the gentleman had been a scammer, given that he didn’t apparently desire to adhere to her requests for his number.

In any case, Hadia says she needed the time as a learning opportunity, and this she ultimately made a decision against aborting it mainly because she desired to ‘debate’ the mystery man on issues that they can disagreed upon. Despite the safety measures, she stated she had a lot of entertaining on their primary date.

It’s a shame that the woman’s twitter update went virus-like, but it demonstrates social media abounds with people who have had equivalent experiences – and that we’ve just hoping for a better down the road. Hopefully, this narrative has trained us all to always be ready for the unexpected.